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Our Story

Astoria Properties has been investing and trading in real estate investments since we opened our doors in February 2013. Our main aim has been to research and invest in strategic parcels of land in undiscovered but highly valuable regions of Nairobi and its environs. All of our investments are chosen based on proximity to both private and public development projects currently or in the near future. Through our savvy, we’ve been able to give our clients consistently appreciating properties that provide good returns in the short to medium term, both for personal development and as commercial investment opportunities.
The increase in demand for valuable property solutions close to centres of business and power has created an upsurge in value that locks out many would-be investors. Our aim is to connect you with affordable equity in the land whose value is set to appreciate in near months owing to fast-paced development projects surrounding areas.
At Astoria Properties, we only trade in land that we fully own and have processed, thereby facilitating hassle-free transfers to our clients. By investing our capital in these properties, we express our unwavering faith in their value, and so we only pass on to our clients land that we believe in.
Here, our driving force is to uphold legal and moral integrity in all our dealings, and we endeavour to provide fast and efficient service delivery and personalised solutions to our clients’ needs. We hold ourselves to a much higher standard of reliability and integrity, which is what has made us very popular with our existing client base.
This is what our customers have to say about us.
Among the areas we had considered to buy property in Nairobi included Kitengela, Ruiru and perhaps, along Kangundo road. After doing our research, it turned out that land on Kangundo Road was the cheapest but we were warned of conmen. Astoria came to our rescue. We now have two plots with ready titles.

Linda Abuya Omollo Repeat Customer (2016, 2017)

I’m a single mother of two. I had been saving since 2012 hoping that one day I could move my small family to our own place. You know how crazy rent is in Nairobi. I would listen in every morning on Classic FM hoping that I would get a property somewhere liked. I only came to hear about Astoria by chance and so far, so good. I give them a thumbs-up!

Maureen Karimi Bought Land (2017)

My first interaction with Astoria was through their Facebook Page. I felt like they ‘spoke my language.’ I won’t lie though. I was a bit wary at first considering the numerous cases I’ve heard of guys being swindled of their money online. However, they turned out to be everything they promised. I had my title deed within two weeks.

Jacktone Lyesa Bought Land (2018)